From Chaos to Calm

Therapy and coaching for people who want a more centered life—inside and out.

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Do things in your life feel a little out of hand?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. People experience chaos in different ways. Perhaps you’re dealing with a challenging relationship or unwanted feelings and habits. Maybe everything has blown up in your face, or you’re tired of trying to hold it all together.

We coach you through strategies to take control

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Overcome Personal Obstacles

Want to address frustrating problems and feel happier?

We’ll walk through healthy ways to cope with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, and self-confidence. You’ll learn to care for yourself, develop boundaries, and feel calmer – regardless of your circumstances.

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Connect with Other People

Looking for deeper relationships with less conflict?

Understand others and be understood. You’ll learn to navigate conflict and deepen connection. From dealing with difficult coworkers to co-parenting with an ex to supporting a partner who struggles with substance abuse, we’ll help you be more centered in your relationships.

Our Approach


Give You the Language

Sometimes, small tweaks in language can transform a relationship. It can be hard to know how to convey your feelings or needs so that others understand. We work through how to say things in a compelling way – so you’re more likely to be heard. Then we’ll explore questions that help you understand others better.


Focus on Solutions

We are laser-focused on improving your life—both now and in the future. While there may be some discomfort diving into difficult issues, many people immediately feel relief sharing the burden. We’ll put together doable strategies that help you feel better and make the most of your circumstances.


Clarify Your Values

We’re not here to tell you how to live. Only you can decide that for yourself. We do ask questions and help you get clear on what’s important to you. Then we work through ways to live in alignment with those values.

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Couples Counseling

Build trust, love, and loyalty in your relationship. We use conflict management tools and a research-backed approach to overcome communication barriers and develop connection.