Meet Our Therapists

lone man walking through trees

Patricia Hodges


What drives me: helping others achieve their goals. I like working with tough people who want to dig deep and figure things out. I believe in guiding people toward healthy boundaries, which allows the space needed for self-care. High integrity and a sense of humor are important values that inform my work.

How I stay centered

I grew up around water and mountains. Being in nature continues to ground me, from gardening to hiking to exploring new places. I love traveling and have visited 42 states! I also love music and frequently attend the Newport Folk Festival.

lone man walking through trees

Mary Logan


Boundaries and relationships are my jam. I’m motivated by empowering others to speak their truth as gently and clearly as possible. In my experience, being able to give language to upsetting situations can help all parties. By articulating your truth, you feel less stressed and more understood.

How I stay centered

If I need to hit the reset button, you’ll find me meandering around garden centers! I am energized by getting in the garden and dreaming up landscape design ideas. I also enjoy spending time in nature, hiking with my dog, listening to podcasts, and reading.