Anxiety Therapy


Find calm. Regain control.

Do you sometimes find yourself paralyzed in the middle of your day by intrusive, unwanted thoughts? Do you often feel “jittery,” like you can’t calm your body down, or like you’re fearful of something but don’t know what? Maybe you’ve had days where you feel like you can’t breathe, even as you can see your chest rising and falling. Or perhaps your body feels tight, almost brittle, like your muscles are tensing up for… something, even though you are not in any immediate physical danger.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, then it is possible you are struggling with anxiety.

Everyone has anxious thoughts sometimes, of course. And most people will go through times in their life that cause them to feel unusually anxious. If you are in a romantic relationship that is on the rocks or your job situation is uncertain, anxiety is a predictable, normal response to those challenges. Anxiety disorders, however, are something that goes beyond that.

When those ordinary, common sorts of anxiety give way to something more extreme, it may be time to get help as you may be dealing with an anxiety disorder. Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you find that you are worrying or fearful almost constantly? Have you experienced panic attacks? Do you feel as if simply getting through a normal day is overwhelming and sounds impossible? If any of these symptoms are familiar, it’s a sign that you should be trying to bring in additional support and help as you deal with your anxiety.

How anxiety therapy
can help

Identify triggers.

Often our anxiety has specific triggers that then cause us to spiral. Therapy can help you identify those.

Gain new tools.

There are simple practices, such as deep breathing exercises, that can be helpful for managing anxiety. Therapists can help you learn some of these practices and when to use them.

Create a plan.

Therapists can work with you to form goals and an action plan to help you manage and overcome your anxiety.

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Think of an anxiety therapist as someone who is able to witness your struggles and anxious fears, but then speak to them from the outside. They’re a (highly trained) second set of eyes that will often be able to identify things that you have missed and can also offer perspective and hope for you in your journey because they have seen others deal with similar challenges.


Get in Touch

The next step to finding calm and regaining control of your brain (and your life!) is setting up a time to meet with a therapist to begin treatment. We are based in Amesbury, MA and are also able to offer online counseling to anyone living in Massachusetts.

Your therapist will help you define your short- and long-term goals in dealing with your anxiety, and will also be able to help you develop a plan for how you will achieve those goals. You don’t have to live with a brain that is always “on.” You can regain a sense of calm restfulness and regain control of your mind. We are here to help.

Find Your Calm