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Gottman Relationship Counseling


Break through barriers.

Deepen your relationship.

Building a life with another person isn’t easy. There are struggles we have and parts of our stories that we can mostly keep out of our professional lives, even out of many friendships.

It’s different when you’re living with a person or when you’re in an intense romantic relationship with them. Small irritants are harder to ignore and can, over time, explode into something bigger. Differences in values that may not matter in work relationships can break a couple.

And yet we also know that there are possibilities couples have that no other relationship offers. A good relationship is worth the difficulty. But how do you have a good romantic relationship?

One thing that can help is seeking out couples therapy at various stages in your relationship. A good therapist will help you achieve greater connection and intimacy in your relationship. Through our sessions at Chaos to Calm, we equip you with tools to navigate conflict and strengthen connection. We’ll give you the language to say what needs to be said and the questions to understand your partner better.

How couples counseling
can help


Build a foundation of trust


Learn the art of compromise


Empower you to communicate kindly and effectively


Recognize sources of conflict and tension in your relationship


Create deeper bonds of intimacy and closeness


Clarify if it is time to move on


Support a partner struggling with addiction


Adjust to life with step-children: his, hers, and ours


Address dissatisfaction in your marriage

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Why use the Gottman approach?

It’s practical.

Each step includes simple, effective, and actionable ways to deepen intimacy in your relationship. The point of the Gottman approach is to help equip each of you to better navigate your relationship going forward. It starts with the idea that you can learn how to maintain greater intimacy and satisfaction in your relationship.

It’s built on deep research.

Drs. John and Julie Gottman developed the approach based on four decades of breakthrough research with more than 3,000 couples.

Learn about the Sound Relationship House Theory.


How does it work?

01) Take the Assesment.

To begin, each person takes the Gottman Relationship Assessment. It helps facilitate conversation to see how you are doing as a couple. The assessment is $39 per couple and covers topics that are proven to affect the health of a couple’s relationship.

02) Review answers.

We’ll look at what’s working in your relationship and identify growth areas to get you on a clear path for a healthy relationship. By uncovering barriers to intimacy, we’ll clarify steps to strengthen your relationship over time.

03) Work through
relational dynamics.

Many couples with a solid relationship base can get back on track within 8-14 sessions. Others are motivated to meet regularly for longer to keep working on various aspects of their relationship. Regardless of what your situation is, we can help you build better habits as a couple, learn new strategies for navigating conflict and differences, and set your relationship on a path toward long-term health.

NOTE: We are based in Amesbury, MA and are also able to offer online counseling to anyone living in Massachusetts.

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