Self-Confidence Counseling 

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Self-Confidence Counseling

Self-Confidence means caring about yourself and others in consistent, thoughtful, and kind ways.

What is self-confidence? Well, this can more easily be explained by why you might be struggling with self-confidence. Lacking in self-confidence can mean any number of things, a traumatic childhood, an introverted style, ill health, being exposed to negative environments, being a people pleaser, a job loss or even a recent divorce. Anxiety and depression can also be contributors to low self esteem.

If you struggle with self-confidence you may be frustrated in your relationships, feel victimized by others or even feel like your life is out of control and you are powerless to change it.

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It is also true that many people who act self-confident may actually have low self-confidence. For these people, saying “I’m sorry” or delegating to others may be difficult to do. Being in control is the only way to feel confident.

If you are stuck, frustrated with a relationship or your job, struggling to communicate your needs, you may need to improve your self-confidence.

One thing is certain: Sometimes online education, Youtube videos, self help books and advice from close friends can lead to increased frustration and inertia.


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